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If you have been named as an heir or beneficiary in a Will and are questioning the management of the estate by the Personal Representative for that estate, or you are struggling with the responsibility of being a Personal Representative for an estate and are in need of assistance, contact Finnell Legal for help.


In some cases, the Personal Representative, or executor, of the estate is inexperienced with the probate process, or is simply overwhelmed emotionally by the loss and is unable to handle the responsibility. In other cases, the executor might not have good intentions, or might avoid the responsibility altogether. If any of these scenarios occur, a petition to remove the Personal Representative can be filed by the beneficiaries. 


If you are an executor who is having an issue meeting your responsibilities, an experienced probate attorney can help with the process to ensure the requirements set forth in the Will are met, and that all applicable Florida laws are followed. A probate lawyer can also collect documentation and receipts for the executor throughout the process, which will decrease the chances of a lawsuit occurring later.


If a Will is contested it can hinder a Personal Representative from performing administrative duties in a timely manner, can cost the estate money, and can cause issues amongst heirs. In order to avoid this problem, make sure you work with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer, such as Finnell Legal, when crafting your estate plan to ensure proper procedures are followed so issues such as this are avoided. 


If you are working on your estate plan, managing an estate, or if you are a beneficiary and have questions about the administrative management of an estate, contact Finnell Legal today.

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