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If you own a business in Florida and are not sure if you are liable for paying Remployment Tax, or have found yourself in a dispute over an application for Reemployment Assistance, Finnell Legal can help.


Revenue raised from Florida’s reemployment tax gives partial, temporary income to workers, who by no fault of their own, lose their jobs, and are able and available for work. If your business meets the conditions outlined by the Florida Department of Revenue for this tax, you are liable for contributing to this fund. Companies must file reports and pay this tax each quarter to avoid penalty and interest. After qualifying period, companies with a stable employment history are eligible for a lower tax rate, but the failure to pay this tax will have a negative on impact on a company’s future tax rate.


There are certain types of employment that are not covered by this program. In addition, there are some wages paid for services that are not subject to reemployment tax, including bonuses, commissions and back pay awards, among other items. It is important to understand what wages qualify for the Reemployment Tax so you know what you are liable for paying.


If you have paid wages to a person through your business and that person files for Reemployment Benefits, you must submit accurate records to the Florida Department of Revenue so the agency is able to determine if that person qualifies for assistance. Providing this information in a timely manner also helps to protect your tax rate. 


In certain cases, a dispute may arise over the eligibility of an application, which will require the submission of additional information in order to determine if the person who submitted the request qualifies for assistance.


If you are starting a business in Florida and have questions about Reemployment Tax, or find yourself in a dispute over a claim, contact the experts at Finnell Legal today. We can help you understand and navigate Florida’s tax laws, and represent you before the Florida Department of Revenue when needed.

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