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Do you have unpaid or underpaid tax liabilities for any tax administered by the Florida Department of Revenue? If you have not been contacted by the Department concerning the liabilities, you could be eligible for the voluntary disclosure program.


Voluntary disclosure is a taxpayer’s opportunity to pay their unpaid or underpaid taxes without being penalized. Sales and use tax, gross receipts tax, reemployment compensation tax, and corporate income tax, among others, all qualify under this program. 


In order to apply for this benefit, a taxpayer must submit a written request and include the proper information required by the Department. Based on the postmark date of the request, the Department will look at the previous three years of a person’s tax liability. If the taxpayer does not take advantage of the program, that person could find himself liable for a greater amount of taxes.


How do you know if you owe back taxes?


Due to the complexities of tax law, you might not even realize you owe taxes. If you are concerned that you overlooked or underpaid a tax, or if you are unsure if your tax arrears qualify for the program, Finnell Legal can help. Time is of the essence - once you are contacted by the Florida Department of Revenue about a specific tax liability, that tax liability will no longer qualify for the program.



Save time and money by getting ahead of delinquent taxes. Contact us today to find out more about the voluntary disclosure program, or if you require representation before the Florida Department of Revenue for your unpaid or underpaid tax liabilities.

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